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Sponsorship by Corporate Members

Platinum Corporate member benefits:

1. Free web job posting for the corporate member at ACPS web site.
2. Short introduction of the corporate member at ACPS web site.
3. ACPS provides professional and cultural needs for the corporate member's ethnic Chinese employees.
4. Corporate member can attend ACPS events at discounted rate or for free.
5. Corporate member can set up a booth to recruit and promote the company during ACPS events.
6. Increased visibilty within the hi-tech community.
7. Exclusive advertising opportunity at the sponsored ACPS events.
8. ACPS sponsored activities tailered to the specific needs of the Platinum member such as guest speakers, skill development seminar and career development activities.

Gold Corporate member benefits:

1. Free web job posting for the corporate member at ACPS web site.
2. Short introduction of the corporate member at ACPS web site.
3. ACPS provides professional and cultural needs for the corporate member's ethnic Chinese employees.
4. Corporate member can attend ACPS events at discounted rate or for free.

Silver Corporate member benefits:

1. Limited free web job posting for the corporate member at ACPS web site.
2. Short introduction of the corporate member at ACPS web site.
3. ACPS provides professional and cultural needs for the corporate member's ethnic Chinese employees.
4. Corporate member can attend ACPS events at discounted rate.

To become a member or update your information, please contact with

DBA Marilyn Folta Recruiting

Marilyn Folta, dba Marilyn Folta Recruiting,  helps  high-tech companies find critical-skilled engineers for placement. Company clients are in San Jose, CA area, Portland, OR, and Austin, TX. In addition, she helps engineers who are ready for change or who would like more challenging positions and responsibilities, to find those positions. Please send resumes via e-mail to:, or send it via fax to (512) 327-5829. Contact phone number is (512) 347-7119.

American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.

American Express is a diversified worldwide travel, financial and network services company founded in 1850. It is a world leader in charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques, travel, financial planning, investment products, insurance and international banking. For financial service, contact:
Mr. Eric Zhao, Financial Advisor, American Express Financial Advisors, Inc
Phone: (512) 346-5400, Fax: (512) 338-1705, Email:

Applied Materials

Applied Materials is a Fortune 500 global growth company providing core capabilities that enable the emerging Information Age. The Company is the largest producer of wafer fabrication systems and services for the worldwide semiconductor industry. Applied Materials manufactures systems that perform chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), epitaxial and polysilicon deposition, rapid thermal processing (RTP), plasma etching, ion implantation, metrology, inspection and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP).

David Hughen
Applied Material Human Resource Manager
Tel: 512-272-1000
Fax: 512-272-3000

CALEB Technologies Corp.

CALEB Technologies Corp. is an operations research and software development company based in Austin, Texas. CALEB's core competency is the development of integrated, advanced decision support systems. CALEB's goal is to empower customers with advanced decision support technology to maximize profits and reduce costs through the implementation of easy to use applications based on proprietary, state-of-the-art optimization methodologies.

Fueled by growth in projects and productization, CALEB is expanding its Austin headquarters by aggressively hiring operations research and computer science professionals and by building its management team. CALEB has no long-term and short term debt with all company operations funded by customer sales.

CALEB's customers are mostly Fortune 500 companies. Major corporations such as IBM, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and the US Navy have used CALEB's technology. Currently, CALEB is starting to add international customers to its list. CALEB's long term vision is to provide a suite of optimization modules that can be implemented in a variety of industries to support applications such as vehicle routing and scheduling, production planning, inventory control, resource deployment, efficiency evaluation, market forecasting, and yield management.

    9390 Research Boulevard
Kaleido II, Suite 420
Austin, Texas 78759

General Information:
Sales Contact:

Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems develops, markets and supports electronic design automation software tools that automate, enhance and accelerate the design and verification of integrated circuits and electronic systems. The Company combines its technologies with design services to help optimize its customers' product development processes. The Company's products and services are used by companies throughout the world to design and develop electronic circuits and systems, including semiconductors, computer systems and peripherals, telecommunication and networking equipment, mobile and wireless devices, automotive electronics, consumer products and other advanced electronics.

Dell Computer Corporation

Dell Computer Corp ...


Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation has been more than 25 years since Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor, making technological history. The computer revolution that this technology enabled has changed the world. Today, Intel supplies the computing industry with the chips, boards, systems and software that are the "ingredients" of computer architecture. These products are used by industry members to create advanced computing systems. Intel's mission is to be the preeminent building block supplier to the new computing industry worldwide.

Contact: Sara Alvarado
Intel Corporation
Phone: 602-715-0344
Fax: 602-715-4561

Motorskill Asian Corporation

Motorskill Asia provides consulting services to Asian and U.S companies exploring international business expansion feasibility. Motorskill Asia is positioned to support culture integration, government regulation and technology infrastructure procurement. Through international consulting, venture capital partners and institutional relationships. Motorskill Asia has many advantages from which to capitalize on global business growth.

Synopsys, Inc.

Synopsys, Inc. is a leading supplier of electronic design automation (EDA) solutions to the global electronics market. The Company provides comprehensive design technologies to creators of advanced integrated circuits, electronic systems, and systems on a chip. Synopsys also provides consulting services and support to its customers to streamline the overall design process and accelerate time to market.
Lisa Williamson
800-843-5669 Ext.4107

SBC Technology Resources

Check out our web site:

SBC Technology Resources ...


Sylvia Johnson
Manager of HR
Phone: (512)372-5951
Carol Chambers
Phone: (512)372-5245

Silicon Laboratories, Inc.

Silicon Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLAB) is an Austin, Texas, company that designs and develops proprietary, analog-intensive, mixed-signal integrated circuits, or ICs, for the rapidly growing communications industry. Since our founding in 1996, we have grown rapidly and have enjoyed success with a number of innovative products including silicon DAAs, embedded modems, RF transceivers, RF synthesizers, integrated SLIC/codec ICs, DSL AFEs, high-speed PHY ICs and precision system clock ICs.

Surgient Network

Surgient Networks is an Austin, Texas based startup company developing revolutionary networking gear for Internet providers. We have developed a fun working environment with the structure to succeed. We offer competitive salaries, stock options, full benefits and a flexible work schedule. Relocation assistance is available. Please contact for more info.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) is the first pure IC foundry company in the world with more than 200 active customers; providing services include ASIC design, mask making, VLSI wafer manufacturing, Wafer probing, assembly and test services. Today TSMC produces something more on the order of 2.2 million 6 in. equivalent wafers per year. Current Fabs are located in Hsin-Chu Science-Based industrial Park, Taiwan with future 8 in. FAB located in Camas, Wash. USA and 12 in. Mega FAB located in Tainan Science-Based industrial Park, Taiwan.

Sherry Chu
Sr. Specialist
Human Resources Division
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Contact Singapore

Singapore is home to 5000 multinational companies and 80,000 local businesses. The strength of the manufacturing and services industries in Singapore, coupled with an increasing level of R&D and our move towards a knowledge-based economy has resulted in a wealth of career opportunities for professionals at all levels.

To get connected to opportunities in Singapore, get in touch with CONTACT SINGAPORE. We are a not-for-profit organization that is the information and resource link for working, living and studying in our global city. We provide a resume referral database to help match your professional skills with the needs of the employers in Singapore. We also provide settling in services such as advice on visas, immigration requirements and Singapore permanent residence as well as accommodation, schooling for children and orientation programs about Singapore.

For the latest opportunities in Singapore, please feel free to contact us or browse our website Contact Person:
Lee-Sar TAN
Center Director
Contact Singapore Washington DC
Tel:202-842 1600
Fax:202-842 8445
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